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NOTICE: We have been informed of websites using our wording, content, and photos to sell puppies these people are scammers stealing photos and content. Please know this is our ONLY WEBSITE ADDRESS for Dakine Shiba Inu's and Siberian & Miniature Bull Terriers: and   WARNING: Also local BYBs of both my breeds are also copying our wording, content, and info and what I stand for in my breeding practices as dogs being fulltime family and how I raise my pups to look like they are in-home legitimate breeders, visit, talk, the question you potential breeder.
Thank you,

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Dakine Shiba Inu's Oregon and California
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alt="oregon miniature bull terrier stud service. Also California Miniature bull terrier stud service."



Welcome to Dakine Shiba Inu's in Oregon. We are a very small hobby breeder of Shiba Inu's in Oregon with Shiba Inu puppies available when we have planned litters,  and offer Stud Service on our Siberian Husky and our Tripple Clear Tri color Miniature bull terrier Stud "Bandito" He is our only MBT and "Aleksie" our only Siberian. We are often frequenting CA traveling in the winter and spring.  We may have Shiba Inu puppies available when we have a litter. Producing very select limited Litters of Shiba Inu puppies. Our Shiba Inu puppies we produce are from CH Nippo Lines which are highly sought after you just don't get better than a Nippo-bred Shiba Inu.

When there are available litters of Shiba Inu puppies please note we are Based in Eugene, Oregon. But every winter we are in Redding CA (visiting our Daughter/grandkids and Son in Law for several months then on to So Cal for a bit and often on to AZ for a few weeks to visit my father and family. So in the winter snowbirding with our RV(Dogs are always with us in a 45ft 2 bedroom RV). We often leave Oregon in late fall and return in May. Eugene is where we reside and is during summer months visiting our Son who is the producer at KEZI 9 News and our other son who is in college in Eugene. We often do not see our home but for a few months out of the year. Very lucky to have all of our family with acreage and huge yards to exercise our dogs during our travels for I am a NO-GO for dog parks. We also do a ton of hiking with all our dogs! But Dog parks are full of protozoa, worms, parvo, and other diseases so many parvo outbreaks and giardia, etc can be linked back to dog parks. Being a germaphobe it is a hard no for Dakine Shiba Inu's, Mini Bull Terrier Stud, and Siberian Stud:). I am extremely careful in our travels.

  Shiba Inu puppies that are available can often also be picked up in Redding Ca, So Cal, and even AZ. Dakine Shiba Inu's and our Minature Bull Terrier Tri color Stud and Siberian Husky stud are often on the road enjoying RV life at different RV resorts due to business travel for my husband's Military based business and health issues that keep us out of Oregon for the winter months.

We are very dedicated to preserving the Shiba Inu and the Miniature Bull Terrier as well as the Siberian Husky my three breeds I am passionate about (though I only raise Shiba Inus now). With quality Shiba Inu puppies produced with each  Elite planned breeding, we do. 

  NOTE: I  am not raising Miniature Bull Terriers or Siberian Huskies I just have my Tri color MBT boy Triple Clear " BAndito" and My Red Siberian  Husky boy  "Dakine's Afanasy Aleksei" both offered for stud service. For many years I raised top-quality Siberian Huskies and no longer do, but have an amazing Siberian Husky Stud my breeding who is out of some of the best Champion lines in the nation link above to his page and my Mini Bull Terrier Stud.

Dakine Shiba Ius have top Nippo Shiba Inu bloodlines this is the best of the best Japanese Shiba Inu, AKC, UKC, and FCI champion lines from imported and USA  lines Our Shiba Inu's carry top Nippo Japanese lines. I am a very passionate Shiba Inu and Miniature Bull Terrier enthusiast and the Siberians that I raised for many years and am now finally retired from the breed.

I am an enthusiast and hobby breeder. I have been an exhibitor of Shiba Inu's and the Miniature Bull Terrier when time permits-. All our dogs are family members and live with us in our home or with friends and family members we have. All Shiba litters I whelp and raise litters myself. The dam and sire are with me during this time even if they live with or are owned by friends and family,  they come to be with me during breeding and whelping and raising the Shiba Inu puppies. Having my dogs live with family members and very close friends helps us have a more diverse breeding program while still having all dogs being full-time family members.  We breed very few litters, but our pups are worth the wait, Only breeding Shiba Inus puppies for the purpose to produce our next prospect to further our breeding program, or to provide dogs to those in need of emotional and other therapy dogs, this is a passion and a hobby for me. I have produced many Shiba Inus and Siberian Huskies ( back in the day) who have gone on to be service dogs I have donated and  (we have a few who are seizure detection dogs for people that have been trained for this) PTSD support dogs and other emotional support dogs. We take great pride in producing wonderful family companion dogs who are well-socialized with fantastic top  NIPPO CH lines that are sought out by top Shiba Inu breeders nationwide. We are not commercial breeders and never will be. We do not support breeders who do not have them as full-time family members this includes all dogs in your program living inside your home with you full time as well as all litters raised inside your home full-time under foot, dogs are man's best friend. I take pride in the fact our Shiba Inu dogs live as valid family members full-time. I have raised dogs for twenty-seven years as a passion and a hobby only having very few litters, it is truly my life's passion and mission. I am incredibly motivated to properly source and protect the breed's genetic health and do breeding to improve and preserve the exquisite Shiba Inu traits and healthy bloodlines, this I do is just a pure passion and hobby. 

   PLEASE NOTE: Again Being just a hobby breeder here at Dakine Shiba Inu's we do not mass-produce puppies. It takes time, effort, planning, and money to raise a litter. All litters are planned for our own personal purpose of developing the Shiba Inu and Miniature Bull Terrier breeds and raised underfoot with our family until they go home with their forever families or for, friends and family members so many have and own dogs we have produced. Due to the fact, we only have a few litters often we have a waiting list for one of our kids. But please do check our availability page for many on the list who are waiting and not quite ready and just want to be on our list.

Only proper socialization makes for a well-adjusted confident dog.  Shiba Inu puppies and Mini Bulls need even more socialization than many other breeds. This is why it is crucial that your soon-to-be family member is being raised full-time in your breeder's home, not in a kennel. This is our mission- to provide service dogs as a passion and a personal mission.

 I have taken the time to study our dog's pedigrees for that is also a part of my hobby and passion. I feel very good about the direction we are heading with our Shiba Inu dogs Our  Shiba Inus all have health, structured, and amazing personalities. Our dogs have some of the very best CH lines in the nation. Temperament can be lost if you just breed for the show ring alone, temperament is a huge consideration, and most definitely is lost with backyard breeding without a focus on temperament. Backyard-bred Shiba Inu dogs and Mini Bull Terriers both often have temperaments that are very hard to live with. This happened to me years ago as a youth when I obtained my first Shiba Inu from a backyard breeder. This was before the knowledge I have today about the breed. 
Understanding the Shiba Inu Temperament has to be a focus in our program, or it can be lost very quickly when without thought and selection with temperament as a top focus. 

A Shiba Inu you can live with are well worth the wait. They are very unique. So when you rush in it most often is the biggest mistake you can make when selecting your breeder: Take your time. Rushed often has consequences. Especially with dogs and breeders. Proper Dog care from a breeder takes a whole lot of investment and money. With the Miniature Bull Terrier be sure your breeder is testing for PKD1, PLL, LP, and LAD!!!! 

Note the excellent communication I have with the families who get our Shiba Inu puppies. I will get back to you in a very timely manner, in whatever form of communication, emails, phone calls, and texts. I take my relationship with my Shiba Inu family very seriously. For my hobby, I love to talk about dogs and help. You are a potential home for one of my kids I have put my soul into raising and bringing into this world, you are important. You will have years of breeder support for the life of your dog. The dogs I create are my responsibility, to mentor and help the families who get them for the life of the dog, with training, health, education, and knowledge provided so you can be a better Shiba Inu owner who is educated about your family member.  Shiba's are truly my passion.

Please Note: All Shiba Inu puppies, when we have them are placed in order on our waiting list. However, special needs dogs take priority. This is my mission/hobby and purpose for breeding. We reserve our own personal selections/special needs dogs when needed. Each breeding is planned with selection in mind for the breeder and purpose not just making litters to make Shiba Inu puppies. This isn't a business this is my passion and hobby. Thank you for your understanding.

 Do you need an expert speaker on dogs' behavior, training, and breeding? I have done many interviews and I'm available on  Skype and Zoom. I've done this for classrooms, 4h, studies, and as an expert speaker for events and clubs. Please feel free to inquire I do this to educate and donate my time to educate.


 NOTE: There are a lot of issues of slamming and cutthroat slander of breeders with this breed as far as Shiba Inu breeders and Siberian Husky /exhibitors trashing Shiba Inu and Siberian Husky breeders or exhibitors.
Know this: A good breeder will not talk nasty specifically about other breeders, but will give you things to look for in your breeder and try to help educate you about the breed you have chosen as for what to look for in a good breeder. A good breeder will only have a few select dogs and they will be part of the family and not a kennel-full. Only replacing and improving as needed to progress. These are the breeders breeding for hobby and love and not for money. They are not in it to mass produce for profit, but for a few select breeding of purpose, Therapy Service dogs, Work, etc. Having just a few dogs means this is a tighter breeding program, for they have only a few and they choose the best to have in a breeding program. 

NOTE: The dog world can be an extremely jealous group of people. They can be quick to judge, and state things about other breeders based on assumptions and jealousy (I know this firsthand being a show breeder for many years).  I have had many emails from people looking for Shiba Inus asking me about other breeders they have heard bad things about, wondering if it was true. I say this: know that someone is always going to talk about someone. It's just the nature of people. Sad but true. Please visit those breeders and judge for yourself. Ask questions and trust your gut.  The Movie Best In Show wasn't just thought up, it can seriously ring true of dog breeders to the point of cunning and cruel statements that are slander and often unproven. I love to show for bonding time for my dog and me, the show people I can seriously do without. Not that there aren't a few nice people who show. I felt I needed to address this due to all the emails I receive questioning what people have heard about other breeders in the surrounding areas and beyond. Take it with a grain of salt, and do your own educated homework. Many times the ones talked about are truly the good ones everyone wants to be.

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