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me showing dakine siberian huskies
dakine siberian huskies oregon
trish showing a dog
siberian huskies oregon

 My name is Trish a of Dakine Shiba Inu's and once was Dakine Siberian Huskies  ( No longer raise Siberians). Though Dakines' Afanasy Alesie is my breeding and my soul dog who is also standing for Stud service, now and then I do a litter with my friend/co-breeder in Salem Oregon who has a couple of girls from my program. Personally I no longer raise them.

 I am based out of Oregon. Welcome to my passion and my love of dogs and working with them I have knowledge of training/health/genetics/reproductive/behavior and have over 35 years of experience working with dogs. Dogs are my personal therapy and keep me going. Many years of studying and first-hand experiences. I have been An expert Speaker for The Ultimate Dog Summit 2019 airing Nov 2019 link above takes you there and scroll down the page to see my interview link for the Summitt. I was the breeder Chosen, hunted down, and scouted out by The Taming of the Wild Crew. They have been featured on TV for dog training and they also have a Dog radio show. Also chosen and Featured By SDVoyager and Interviewed by Waggly Dog  (This is no longer published online but was done several years ago.)and the Shout Out Social of CA and the Shoutout of AZ as well as the Canvas Rebel,  I am also a Speaker for Classrooms and Dog Events, etc. Dogs are my life and my passion and my hobby since I was a very young girl. Growing up. I was always studying, learning, taking dog training classes, Vet Tech courses, hands-on breeder/show experience with some of the most difficult breeds to raise, and side-by-side study with veterinarians learning and absorbing knowledge. I have a great love and respect for the late DVM Hank Anderson of Junction City Oregon, whom I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from for years his great impact on my life will always be treasured.  From the countless hours, I spent gleaning Knowledge from him on health and breeding. I have also become an expert in Artificial insemination. So many life studies and experiences have all given me a wealth of knowledge of dog behavior and the breeding and raising of dogs.



The name Dakine comes from my love of Maui Hawaii meaning is an expression in Hawaiian Pidgin " The Kind". Chosen after Spending years there on the Island as my home, it is one of my favorite sayings used on the Island and so it is "Dakine" Shiba Inus and Siberian Huskies". The Kind. So this is why I chose this unique name for my Shiba Inu and Miniature Bull Terrier dogs and the Siberians I used to raise. I was an Island girl for a few years and love the Hawaiian way and culture. So this is why I chose Dakine for the name of our crew.
I have shown Siberian Huskies and Shiba's and titled many Miniature Bull Terriers both AKC and International Dog shows winning one Best In Show with one of my MBT's years ago, but moved to Maui and had to part with all my dogs. (I had both Shiba's and Siberians and Miniature Bull Terriers  back then) so Due to the heavy restrictions and quarantine on the Island, it is Rabies-free. Fortunately, I was only on Maui for a few short years and after returning to Oregon I picked up where I left off finding all the precious lines I adore to work with. I have only a few select dogs and I love it I only have what can live with me or my daughter as family members no more ever.

Dogs are my hobby for sure. Keeping it small is good. You stay focused and the dogs and they get what they need, FAMILY DAILY living in our home with us, as well as getting ran, biked, and walked they love their life. with us as their pack. We sometimes have a pup we are growing up with while we are replacing an adult but we usually only have 6 dogs tops in our home. All others live with our Daughter, family, friends, and co-breeder and they may come to us when they have a litter. We believe in keeping it small, focused and every dog needs to be a valid family member full time 7 is our top limit in our home :)  and only a few litters per year for it is hard work doing it correctly and takes a lot out of you.

I  used to dog show for a hobby, not for the status, but have not been showing for a while due to my health issues/mental and physical and to focus on breeding PTSD service dogs and Search and Rescue as well as Service dogs that have been used to  Detect Seizures and other health issues this has been my current focus and purpose of my breeding program. I show as an owner-handler when I do a show. I do place show pups to the right show home, but will not let any of my dogs go into a KENNEL situation they must be a valid family member so this limits my show placements. Due to my only having a couple of litters per year I can choose my puppies' families wisely. You find I am not your typical dog show person. I am down-to-earth and very grounded. I have shown  AKC. and some International Shows as well. Showing is an activity I can do with my dogs, If my dogs didn't like it I wouldn't do it ;) 

 I personally have AKC titled several  Dogs, as well as International, titled many dogs over the years. Showing several different breeds for other breeders as well. It is a fun hobby when you have the time. 



I used to Mentor a small Euro Doberman Breeder in Salem just for the love of it but they are no longer breeding, as well as I help out a well-known French Bulldog breeder with AI and her program, both breeders are very close personal friends. I enjoy talking to people and helping them out. Located in Oregon and named after me  "Dakine": Dobermans love the name, I used to help them with their breeding program providing knowledge and help when needed, From artificial insemination to finding good families and wellness programs. I personally do not have any Dobermans of my own at this time, but used to and have a lot of knowledge. Both are very close friends who trained dogs for the Military and the French Bulldog breeder is a great person who is passionate about the breed both are just looking to me for guidance that I can provide them and screen potential homes. I love dogs and enjoy doing this for close breeder friends.


 I pride myself on not having a kennel full of dogs I don't believe anyone can have more than 7 dogs top total at any given time to do the dogs justice.  Any more than that you are seriously pushing it and the dogs suffer and you are more than just a hobby breeder for sure. It is a ton of work and your spread way too thin. Having too many is absolutely not fair to the dogs, they just can't get that individual attention each of them needs. Dogs need to be family members and to do it right, litters need to be raised underfoot in the home 100% until they go home. Not raised like livestock,  for they are man's best friend. To be valid family members,  for this to be achieved they need to be very well-socialized. Start life out in the kind of environment they will be living their life in. Hearing sounds as their ears open Having lots of touches and visual stimulation as their eyes begin to focus. It is a very crucial period of development, both neurologically and emotionally. Being raised in a kennel without enough human contact DOES EFFECT  THEM  LIFELONG I promise. Been around dogs for over 30 years of my life. During this time I have studied and watched them. I have known so many breeders who kennel-raise pups and believe me you don't want one. KNOW THIS it can't be fully undone.  Not that a dog can't be a good family member, But they will have social issues you will have to deal with for the life of the dog. Know that it can not be undone. Please know these lifelong social issues that come from being raised this way. I can't express this enough. HUMAN INTERACTION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in early life makes for a well-adjusted socialized dog.  We may have more dogs in our breeding program and you will see they are listed on our dog's page. We do what is called guardian homes for some Meaning our Daughter and Co Breeder and we have a couple who live with family members and friends that come to us when we have a planned litter.


I also believe a breeding program needs a purpose. This is a purpose for given breeding beyond making puppies. The purpose may be Sled dogs, service dog work, showing, guide dogs, Detection dogs or just to advance the breed you are passionate about. whatever it may be. But the purpose of breeding must be planned and thought out and with purpose. Thought of the health of both sire and dam at the time of the breeding is of utmost importance.


The best advice I can give you is to find a hobby breeder that has a ton of knowledge and is breeding with a passion for the breed, not for commercial profit. Who actually puts more money into their dogs and, who has just a few dogs NO MORE THAN 8 or 9 adults total at any given time that is all living in the home and even less if the breeder works outside the home? For this many is hard unless you are like me and do not work outside the home. Caring for dogs is a full-time job. This is my personal opinion here and from experience. Make sure your breeder is one who is home during the whelping and raising process of the litter. Please make sure of this by visiting if necessary. CLEANLINESS IS HUGE! Take note of your visit. 
By a few I mean no more than they can have in their home,  otherwise, you know they are outside in a kennel and one truly can't give the time and focus they need for this breed. A Shiba Inu as in all breeds needs proper socialization to be a good family member trust me in this. As well as Shiba Inu's and sometimes tend to be naturally shy and timid around strangers they need the proper upbringing to be the best they can be. Please keep that in mind while doing your search for a good breeder. Any breeder who will not let you come to their home and see their dogs is a RED FLAG, to see how they are kept and raised is important. Run if they have to have a lot of notice for a visitor to restrict the visit. Unless you have dogs at your home and they have young pups. Then this would be the only excuse that would be valid due to the risk to the pups. (we also are very careful about this for the safety of the pups who are not yet vaccinated) but pick your pup up at their home not a parking lot. "Excuses excuses your a breeder people need to see how your dogs are raised and kept simple as that". A breeder who has a kennel full of dogs and more than just a few is gonna have issues with unsocialized pups you can bet on it you just can't spread yourself that thin. Take it from me I know years of experience and trying to have more than I could handle is not fair to the dogs. Now we do not permit anyone inside of our RV due to Covid and me being at high risk, just to close of quarters but we will let you view our dogs and bring them outside for you to meet. We also have to keep it low key for when traveling we are often in RV parks so keeping the barking to a minimum and ppl coming over makes them excitable lol.


We as a family love the outdoors and spend a lot of time fly fishing this is part of why we are pretty much full-time RV now with a 45 ft RV for our,(dogs go with us everywhere). Below, you will see a few pics of me showing and of me and my Husband so you can get an idea of who we are. Your breeder is someone you will have a relationship with for your dog's entire life for support if they are passionate about what they do~ It is working, hard work, worry, and sleepless nights but well worth it to produce sound dogs of fabulous genetics that contribute to the breed.  

Words of Wisdom: From a breeder who has been there and done that and is a Vet Tech by trade. When looking for a Shiba Inu Breeder be sure to ask questions. I can guarantee you will see a huge difference in temperament when it comes to breeder's backyard breeding and breeders with a plan and thought and knowledge of how genetics and who have just a few specific litters and planned breedings with just a few dogs. As I case the internet I spot the breeders with animated websites to grab you and a bunch of garbled junk. Don't let that fool you. Choose your breeder wisely. This breed has been taken by storm by the backyard breeder,  and the show breeder who has far too many dogs to do it right, and the temperaments and health are less than acceptable. Take your time when selecting a breeder to work with.  If you contact me I am more than happy to refer you to good reputable breeders if I do not have what you are looking for. I am about the breed. But I will not trash or talk down about other breeders. So please do not email me asking about specific breeders. I get so many of these emails. I will just advise you to make a visit and do your homework..


My encounter with rabies from a Bat happened just after Halloween 2019. I had already survived Histoplasmosis from bats 10 years prior from bats living in a Log home I used to own. So just after Halloween 2019 I was out walking several of my dogs one evening and a Bat flew into my hair. I heard the humming of I the bat's wings and reached up to get it out of my hair. It was at this point I was bitten on my first we know for sure and maybe more. I got home and called and found out I needed to start the Rabies vaccine series as well as the Rabies Immunoglobulin shot. A man had actually recently died in Salem Oregon from being bitten by a bat on his face and contracting rabies. He didn't seek medical attention. The shot was the most painful ever 5 ccs of vaccine and they even administered it several times in the bite. Then another shot of Immunoglobulin. They informed me that I would have to have 4 more shots over the next two weeks every few days. This was an extremely painful process and flu-like symptoms along with Neuro symptoms and hallucinations. Not fun. I want to raise awareness that Rabies is just not an animal disease and once symptoms start there is literally nothing any dr can do for you its fatal. It can be anywhere from 10 days to 2 years for symptoms to happen. The vaccine needs to be within the first 24 hours of the contact/bite. A bat bite is often very small can even be a pinprick. So be mindful when out at night walking they feed during dusk and early evening. My husband now calls me Bat Woman and things I have special powers lol.... My my... But seriously be mindful and get your Canines vaccinated for Rabies and keep it up to date for you may not see signs of them being bitten and it can take a while to show up.


UPDATE: Bitten again by a bat in July 2022

Yes bitten again while taking my dogs out in the am. Bat once again flew into my hair and bit my finger when I tried to remove it! Experts say bats only hit you when sick! So Rabies shots once again. Odds of this happening twice? HMMM crazy.


After going through this I decided I needed a bat Necklace as a reminder and souvenir for surviving and making it through this and the Histoplasmosis. I found a wonderful person named Katrina and Katrina's Treasures out of the kindness of her heart she made me two Bat necklaces that are amazing. Thank  you Katrina here is a link to her Etsy:

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I have had multipal bouts of skin cancer/pre skin cancer  Early SCC,  EArly Melanoma, AK, Basel Cell I am all about raising awareness of skin cancer and Seeing a dermatologist for skin checks Yearly! It has saved my life so far! For my lips, I have Chemo every three months, which is super painful but so far, it has kept my lips at pre-cancer with currently 12 rounds of topical chemo! Be proactive and diligent CHEERS! If you have any questions please feel free to ask I am an ambassador For Skin Cancer Awareness If you are in So Cal I have an amazing Dermatologist Dr Raza Mehdi who has saved my life recommend if you need one. He had saved my life when other dermatologists missed Cancers! I travel to see him during the winter and spring months every year for skin checks, biopsies and surgeries. 


I also have been diagnosed with EDS after many years of undiagnosed issues with my spin, joint hypermobility, sciatica, no room between any of my discs, bulging discs and annular tears, and clotting issues, etc... This is a Genetic Hypermobility join/ligaments etc. My entire spine has arthritis and spinal cord exposure and compression as well as hand and arthritis throughout my entire body. I am thrilled to have a diagnosis finally, but I have to take care of joints, etc and exercise is extremely difficult. I have finally found roller skating with knee braces ankle braces and elbow braces is a good one for me not without pain but so far the best for me with this debilitating disease. I have a lot of daily pain hard for people to comprehend and clotting issues as well. My dogs are my therapy! Thank the Lord for them and my family :)
I have chosen to go all natural and will not go on heavy meds I have a lot of supplements I take and I do a lot of fasting. 


Also a Mother and a Nana. I have two amazing young adults I have raised. My son is the producer/director at KEZI 9 News 2-time Emmy Winner for his directing and producing. My daughter is a top Vascular Sonographer for a top Heart Dr in Redding CA now working very part-time due to Motherhood following in my footsteps as a mother dedicated to family and raising of them. I also have an amazing son-in-law. Couldn't have an about me section on this website without mentioning my kids and my little angel who calls me Nana Miss Kinzley LaRae and my Son in law they are a huge part of me!

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