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Fortunately with the Miniature Bull Terrier many of the serious issues we can now Test For Carriers, Clears, and Affected dogs. So important that your breeder is health testing for two carriers can make affected dogs! A clear dog can never make an affected dog even breed to an affected one. Bred to an affected will have all pups as carriers each pup gets one gene from each parent Affected dogs always give an Affected Gene to their offspring. Our MBT Male is a  Triple Clear meaning CLEAR FOR ALL:   PKD, LD,LAD and PLL so he can't make an affected pup with any female he would be bred to. Priceless.
CLEAR DOGS BRED TO CLEAR always make CLEAR pups~ So dogs can be what we call clear by parentage meaning the sire and dam of your dog are tested CLEAR~
Heart issues are still an issue for the breed. mitral valve disease and subaortic stenosis) is a serious concern in both Standard and Mini Bull Terriers.

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