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We are excited to announce Our Daughter  and Son In Law and Co breeder welcomed a human baby girl to their pack on January 17th, 2022  Kinzley LaRae

Meet my daughter Candice. She is now a CO breeder of Dakine Shiba Inu's and Siberian Huskies. She has several of our homebred Siberian Huskies and a couple of Shiba Inu's. All dogs also live full-time in her home. No one is better to house Dakine Shiba's and Siberian dogs for our program. She enables us to have more dogs in our program and keep with our standards of the full-time family. I will be housing Aleksei one of our stud dogs, but this wonderful woman will be raising some litters she is my mini-me. She grew up helping me with the dogs and has a wealth of knowledge due to her helping me over the years. Her love has carried into her adulthood and now she wants to help further our Shibas and Siberian Huskies,  provide help, and share in the upbringing and breeding of Dakine Shiba Inus and Siberian Huskies as her time allows.
Currently residing in Redding CA. Graduating from OIT with honors now is a   top Vascular Sonographer in Redding CA  but is now cutting back to working one day a week to be a human and dog mom.  On her workday which is once per week since the birth of Kinzley, often headed home on her lunch breaks, and on others, she gets to be with her dogs and Kiddo, a video camera to monitor during the day even though her amazing husband is home with the dogs and their daughter Kinzley the one day she works she is extremely devoted to her pack. Her husband works from home so the dogs always have someone.
Growing up Candice was a top Barrel racer with horses in OHSET and a top overall gamer. Always on top of her game, and graduating from High school with honors and as her class President,  going on to be top in her chosen field Vascular Sonography as Lead Vascular Tech. On her days off she enjoys the outdoors Kayaking, fishing, disk golf, and Sushi, and her Youtube channel she enjoys doing is called Glow With Candice there is a link below so you can get a feel for her amazing inspiring personality.

   I  am more than thrilled she has joined Dakine and our mission and purpose to further our Shiba Inus and  Siberian Huskies to exclusively raise puppies in the home underfoot as each dog is a full-time family member. I am so very blessed to have this amazing woman in my corner to continue my passion and mission and my hobby of home-raised Shiba Inu and Siberian Husky  puppies.

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