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Crate Training a Dogs Den!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Crate training is a very valuable tool and comfort to your dog once training is complete. Dogs have a natural instinct to find and seek out a Den. The den provides comfort, isolation from the outside, a resting place and a place to eat. All of my dogs are fully crate trained from the time they are young pups I start. A crate should never be a place of punishment it should be a safe resting place and a place for your dog to be out of trouble and harms way when you can't watch/him or her. Dogs will get into things especially when young and this can even prove deadly if they get into the wrong thing or eat the wring thing. Crate training is a valuable tool in the training of your family member. As you can see in the photo below my Siberian Husky resting with the door wide open. Dogs often choose their Den/crate when they want to rest or be away from the traffic. All my dogs have their own crate/space. They run free through the day once fully house trained and are crated when I leave or when my husband has business meetings or when we have company. All other times they have access to their crate with an open door this is their own individual space. All my dogs choose this space when they want to play with a toy without the other dogs bothering them or they just want their space this is their own. Crates I feel are the best way to feed your dog especially if you have more than one dog. See many dogs become food aggressive if they feel they are fighting for their food. This puts a stop to this. My dogs are fed morning and night and in their own crates and all treats and chews are given to them in their crate and their crate only. When out they have a basket of toys they all share and they can choose to take specific toys to their crate to chew in private. I rarely have any fights and being a breeder all my dogs in tact. Crate training also helps the young dog house break for they do not want to soil their den/sleeping area. Making sure you take them out often as pups to have potty breaks and rarely they will soil their den. I find crate training to be a way of safe happy life for all my dogs each has their own specific crate toys they are just theirs and a water bottle hanging for a constant supply of water day or night. So when they are in their crate they have all the comforts they need. Crate training is a natural need for dogs and why I felt I needed to elaborate on this. CHEERS~

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