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Dogs and Grain Free Diets and the Heart

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The newest rave has been grain free diets for dogs. This was something we as humans have invented and come up with, and it has had a huge cost for many dogs. Dogs are not designed to eat this way. Consequences of feeding a grain free diet is heart disease. Due to the grain free rage breeds of dogs who have not had heart disease are now getting it. Lentils,potatoes and Peas have taken the place and let me tell you not good many are higher in fat and starch. Peas can cause hormone disruption in dogs as well. Why grain free has been such a trend is partially to People getting the false impression that grains are more likely to cause allergic reactions, but “it’s much more common for dogs to have allergies to meat than to grain. Chicken being a top allergy for dogs. Grains are in fact a great source of nutrients and are needed in the Canine diet. Grains help with your dogs digestion. This means better fat digestion and better nutrient absorption.

Dogs are not wolves recent studies have proven they are indeed very different.

Wolves do not digest starches well at all and in the wild they eat a diet of raw meat and bones.

The genome-wide analyses of dogs and wolves revealed that dogs have of a gene that allows them to produce amylase, which they use for the digestion of starches. Wolves have only two copies of the gene, but dogs have four to thirty copies. So domestic dogs need a different diet. They are domesticated and been fed differently and have evolved to digest differently than the wild wolf.

So evidence points to a grain free diet being harmful to our dogs. Grains are essential part of our dogs diet according to recent studies.

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