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How Important are Vaccine's?

Updated: Oct 30

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As a breeder, I have studied and used vaccines for over twenty years. What I believe is important, in my opinion, is starting with the dam to the litter. All dams entering a breeding program need to be up to date on recommended vaccines just before being bred. I mean months before intended breeding. When this is done all pups will receive antibodies from the milk while nursing. Once pups stop nursing from the Dam this is when antibodies eventually cut out and pups need vaccines. This can happen anywhere from 8 weeks to 18 weeks of age. This is why the very final vaccine you give can be the most important. Also why the first vaccine may not even work. For the vaccine would have to override the Dams antibodies. There are cutting edge vaccines made my Neo-Tech labs that do just this. These are the vaccines we use to start with. So we know they are working and we are not stressing the immune system for nothing. As to importance, vaccines are extremely important but must be administered effectively to work and protect your dog. #vaccinesdogs #dogvaccines

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