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Melatonin for the Siberian Husky.

New research suggest used of Melatonin can help dogs in several ways Siberian Huskies are a breed that is very prone to Epilepsy and Alopecia. Studies have shown that Melatonin can help with both for the Siberian Husky. This is something you need to look into for sure and do your own research. But I have known breeders who have had great success with Melatonin. I am very blessed that I have not had either health issue in my dogs, but am up on the the research. There is Melatonin made for dogs that can be found on amazon know that some human forms contain ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. Dosages are to be found online for I do not want to post my input on this up to you to do the research just putting the bug in your ear to do some research. This may just be a key supplement for our breed. Of course consulting your Veterinarian about his/her take on this. There hasn't been a whole lot of studies on Melatonin used on dogs, but what has been found is very promising for a few aliments.

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