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Reincarnation in our pets? I'm a witness.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I've always had an extremely deep connection with animals my whole life, and passed it onto my daughter, literally. Back in 2018, my daughter got a Siberian Husky puppy that was the "pick of the litter" of purebred selective breeding of the finest possible parents for temperament and structure. "Eska" was snow white with ice-grey shading, and breathtakingly angelic. She instantly bonded with my daughter as her soul dog. Eska was unlike so many Siberians, but very-very much like my dog and her older brother Aleksei, in calmness and intelligence. Eska would constantly follow her mom around, sticking at her side, just like my Aleksei. One evening Eska had been following her husband around the house because he was eating chips from a Dorrito bag. He placed the Dorrito bag on the counter while he closed up his gaming room/office. It was at this very moment my daughter's life changed in four quick minutes. Eska had grabbed that Dorrito bag and suffocated in it. She was gone. My daughter was inconsolably devastated. Her first very own dog, her soul mate, her girl. GONE

Over the next few weeks, she and her husband began seeing apparitions of her now-deceased dog Eska. On the bed, by the door in the hallway, all places she would frequent. It was brief, but it was her. Several times they would hear her wine and when a toy with batteries was placed where this lovely Siberian used to lay on the couch, they would go off several times. She also started having dreams of the face of her dog and receiving telepathy from her dog, telling her that she would return, and demanding to return. I would console her and believe her, for I have had similar dreams most of my life- of deceased loved ones. Several weeks later, this intense desire came over me, and feeling that her half-brother Aleksei had something to do with her possible return. I became almost anxious and started having visitation dreams myself with her dog and telepathy she wanted to come back and it was to be her brothers doing. I was to breed him to the one and only female who was with a friend in Salem, Oregon. It sounds crazy but this truth in me was un-shakable. This sparked something in me to do research about dog reincarnation for this was too strong and far too real to ignore, my daughter and her husband all had these experiences several times. In my research, I was astonished to find so many stories and accounts of dogs and cats reincarnated, and that there were experts in this field who communicated and assisted in the reincarnation of pets. So I contracted a very well know pet physics and medium by email. the very next day my phone rang and it was her! She told me the dog most definitely wanted to come back for she had made a mistake by eating chips and suffocating. Yes, this pet physics knew how she passed. She was desperate to come back. I was to do the breeding of her half-brother to the one female left intact.

The next day I contacted my friend with the female husky and I asked if we could plan a breeding next heat cycle? He said yes, but she had just had a cycle and wasn't due to cycle for another five more months. That would put us in the middle of winter in Oregon and something my husband and I have been able to avoid by spending our winters much further south, so it would have been an issue for travel in the winter, but I said whatever it takes just let me know when she is in heat.

Then the unthinkable happened! Within weeks she came into heat! I said- ok well bring her to me, but in the back of my mind thinking it wouldn't work and she more than likely wouldn't ovulate. Due to the closeness of the cycle. Well, it worked by my own hand by artificial insemination, and she was pregnant and due the same week of Eska's birthday! WHOA.

The birth ended up being the day after her dog who passed birthday and the 4-month anniversary of her death. I got chills- how could this be? The mother of the litter wasn't due to cycle and yet she did, then give birth within a day of my daughter's dog's birthday. There was more than something to this.

Only two females were born out of six puppies and only one of the girls was gray. (The pet medium said there would be two females) I sensed the gray was her but was unsure. As the litter grew it became apparent that if she returned it was the gray female in the litter. Videos and pictures there was something so familiar with her. Her demeanor and her actions. My daughter and I both agreed but still looked at it as a far reach we could only hope and pray.

My daughter received this puppy at 8 weeks of age and the moment the pup was let down in the house she went straight to the back door to be let out. It was at this moment I sensed her energy and I knew that she knew where she was! She approached the door which was double glass only one side opened and she went to the side that opened like she knew where she was. She immediately picked up on my daughter and chose her as her person. Laying on her lap and at her feet like a dog who had been away from her owner for far too long. Just like her dog who passed. In her first encounter with the kitchen, this puppy ran over to where Eska was found deceased and she began to dig and smell and whine which my daughter found interesting for it was the exact spot Eska had been found the day she passed, Then the next day there was this! My daughter's husband would keep treats behind the headboard on their bed to give Eska and this was a ritual they had. Well, the day after getting this pup they put the pup on the bed. She immediately ran up to the headboard and got on her hind legs pointing at the exact spot/location her husband stored the treats which at this time there were not any there! and looked at him and back at the headboard. He got chills and said this is when he knew it was her. Can't explain it but it is her. Since the conception of the litter they have not had visitations from the dog seeing her, nor hearing her, nor has my daughter or I had dreams of her. This was another clue- it all stopped when the dog I bred ovulated. No more dreams, no more visits, nothing.

This whole experience is all new and I will more than likely update this blog as she grows. But I do believe this beautiful gray girl sired by my Aleksei who was her dog's brother is her and she has come back to teach and be there by her mom's side in life lessons. I am attaching pics of her dog and her new dog. Eska orginal and Yuka. My heart is full for I sense this is indeed the return of a soul. It is said by those who communicate with dogs, that all dogs have soul contracts with us to teach us here in life, and to be our guides in special ways. We're all energy and hers is a strong and demanding one. She has a lot more to do on Earth.

I highly recommend Shirley Scott she is amazing. and confirmed what I knew




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