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Too Much Calcium and The Siberian Husky and other dogs~

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

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In one study that Cornell University did they found an increased incidence of skeletal problems including hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD), osteochondritis dissecans or osteochondrosis (OCD) usually shows up between 4-10 months of age and hip dysplasiaas early as 4 months of age when dietary calcium was excessive.This is Because puppies under the age of six months cannot regulate how much calcium is absorbed in their intestinal tracts. Once mature a dog can regulate this but this may be up to 24 months of age before they effectively can depending on the breed. Many believed it was the excess protein when calcium was to blame. Many dog foods today have too much calcium and phosphorus and the excess is what is causing the issues. This leads to rapid bone development and gives higher incidence of Hip Dysplasia and (HOD). Excess calcium fed while the dog is growing is the importance and excess weight also contributes greatly to Hip Dysplasia. Also take note dog food only shows Minimum not Maximum it contains as far as percentage of Calcium, so it can in fact end up being even more than the dog food shows in writing. Now HOD usually shows up between 3-6 months of age and can show up as fever,lethargy,dog refusing to move,stiffness and swelling. Be so careful with Calcium during your dogs growing years. The food we recommend is appropriate and has good Calcium/Phosphorus ratios in our opinion.

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