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What Makes Siberian Huskies a great choice

Siberian Huskies are not for everyone. This any reputable breeder will tell you when you consult them about the breed. There are downsides of the breed which everyone should be aware of but there are so many upsides as well:

No Odor: I am an absolute clean fanatic about my house and home. What I love about this breed is the fact they rarely ever smell. With having several of them and they live with me in my home the fact my house does not smell like dog is wonderful

Very Pack Oriented: This breed loves their family and is always super glad to see you and often when you have been gone you will be greeted with a talk from your husky. They love being with their family. I find if given the choice to be outside or to come in where I am they choose to be where I am. I love that they like to be with me and near me but are not very needy like some breeds of dogs.

Their Soft Footed: This breed loves to jump up on their people. It is a way of greeting you. What is wonderful about it though is they are so very light footed when they do so. It isn't like being jumped upon by a heavy dog. Very soft and gentile

They get along well together: This breed does best when there is more than one dog in the family. They are so very pack oriented and get along well with other dogs as a general rule. In fact, many people get more than one so that they have company. This breed is bred to work as a pack and does better when there is more than one. I love that they get along so well in my home and I don't have to worry about breaking up fights all the time like you can with other breeds of dogs.

Easy Keepers: The Siberian does not consume a lot of food for its size. They are very efficient and if feed quality food this is all they need to be healthy and happy. They eat considerably less than most breeds of their size.

Generally, a healthy breed: Siberian Huskies are generally a healthy breed of dog. If you do your homework and find a decent breeder you have a good shot at not encountering too many health issues with your dog. Like any living creature, they can have issues but they tend to be much healthier than many breeds of dogs.

Pace well for the exercise enthusiast: Siberian Huskies keep a great pace for runners and bikers and hikers. They make great exercise partners and keep up well. They can tolerate both hot and cold temps due to their coat design. It keeps the heat in when needed and lets it out when needed brilliant design the undercoat and guard hairs are.

The Siberian Husky is a great choice if you are well informed of the breeds quirks and personality. They are not advised as first-time dogs for dog owners if they have not done their homework on the breed. You need to visit and learn about this breed. Consult with a breeder to see if this breed is a good fit. They can bring a lot of joy to their families if the family is well informed and prepared to house and care for this unique breed of dog. So very rewarding they can be.

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