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Where Do Siberian Huskies Get Blue Eyes?

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Where do Siberian Huskies get blue eyes? You ask From my research it is said that It comes down to a very rare haplotype (genetic variants on a chromosome) The duplication of a variant of the homeobox gene ALX4 being (98.6-kb located just upstream from ALX4 .The duplication is thought to alter the expression of ALX4. ALX4 is directly up from the DNA molecule chromosome 18 CFA18, and 10 at PMEL17 in Piebald coated Siberains . ALX4 plays a key role in eye development and pigmentation reason for the seemingly blue eyes found in many Siberian Huskies. It affects the pigment of the eye n this case lack there of, not the Siberian Huskies coat though just the eye or eyes believe it or not. The Siberian Huskies with blue eyes actually have lack of pigment ( melanin ) in the iris This is why their eyes can have a variation of the color blue. It is how the light hits the eye of a Siberian Husky there is no blue pigment. The light hitting the eye makes it appear blue. This was found from a study of 6,000 dogs through Embark.

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