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Why Structure is important even in a Pet Dog #Siberian Husky #ShibaInu #structureindogs

Updated: Oct 30

So you want a pup from a breeder who has only a few litters per year. Due to most show breeders having so may dogs this can be a very hard find. Most people have no idea how important the structure is. For your getting a pet dog. You have read about show breeders but want to get a dog from someone who has litters in their home and who has a few dogs. Most people do not know how important the traits are to longevity that a show breeder is breeding for. Let's take the hocks for instance. A sound hock provides stability for the hip and ACL and the rest of the leg. Now a slipped hock is extremely unstable and often dogs with slipped hocks end up with torn ACL's and even add pressure to the patella in my opinion. For you see these structural issues are like an unstable framework holding up the dog. Where there is instability leads to other issues to the joints and ligaments connected to it. This is why if you can find a breeder who has knowledge of the structure and is breeding for it you have better odds of getting a dog who is put together better. Being put together better makes for a better framework for the body and the wear and tear and longevity of joints and ligaments, bones etc. Understand the structure matters. Boy does it matter and most backyard breeders have not a clue how to look at the structure and pick out dogs to compliment the other dog's structural faults to improve with the pups produced. In my opinion, find yourself a small show breeder with just a few dogs. Or a judge who is breeding a litter of pups. A breeder who has true knowledge of their breeds structure and structure in general. Shoulder placement, hocks, hips, tail, croup, knees, neck placement all help with a dogs ability to do its job and to hold up through the years... My opinion through research and experience. #Siberian #siberianhusky #oregonsiberianhusky #shibainu #structureindogssoimportant #structureindogs #siberianhuskydogs #huskydogs #husky #dog #whystructureindogsisimportant #akc #siberianhuskiesoregon

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