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Wood Shavings and Pet Bedding are they Toxic? This is my opinion from my personal research.

Updated: Oct 30

Many breeders use wood shavings to raise puppies on and as bedding. This is a risk in my opinion and others opinion as well. It is noted that respiratory,liver issues and cancer can be linked to use of wood shavings. I believe Studies have indicated the Phenol's in wood products are very toxic, not to mention the dust in most shavings that dogs will inhale as they move around in them. You will notice a build up of the dust around the dogs nose if they are kept on and housed on them. Personally and this is my persona opinion and how I feel, due to my extensive research on the use of shavings with dogs and pets. This is my own opinion I am writing about and sharing this may not be the opinion of others. But I personally after my personal research will never use any type of wood product or shavings around my dogs or to raise my puppies on. Just to be safe when there are many other options to choose from. My feeling is to many risks involved. I advise you to do your own research to form your own opinion on this. For me it has been eye opening. Learning this many years ago.

Links bellow for your own research and to gain knowledge of this. Just because others are using them and doing it doesn't mean it is safe! For your reading and knowledge bellow. #dogs #dogbedding #doginfo #doghealth #shibainu #shibainuhealth #dogs #dog #puppy #puppyhealth

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