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 First of all, our dogs and dogs in my hobby/passion breeding program are full-time in-home family members. With us or close family members and very close friends several boys and girls in our program you see here on our page are owned by family members and live with them coming to me when needed for our program which is limited and well planned. I control all breedings and bloodlines my friends and family get to benefit from an amazing family member from a hand-selected top  Nippo import bloodline that is an extremely well-bred Shiba Inu. My program is very limited Only breeding a couple of well-planned litters per year that is it! I do all the raising of the litters and placing of pups and control all bloodlines in my program. Boys are easy they come to me when I have a litter planned with them for a short stay and are owned by family and extremely close friends. All dogs should be a full-time family in a family in any breeding program this is a must for the health of man's best friend!
I keep it small and able to handle full-time in our home with no more than 5 dogs that are mine. The boys in our program are owned by friends and family but always are here for viewing when pups go home and when breeding. This makes it so good for the dogs to be part of a full-time family!  Our dogs are never in a kennel nor are the ones owned by friend and family they are family, though all are crate and house-trained. All are in large crates in our Home or RV when we go to town, or when we have visitors and our family members and friends utilize crates as well this is a must, this is for their safety. This is so they do not get let out by guests or get into trouble when we leave. They are our kids and family,  So do know I do not support kennels and outdoor facilities, as they are unsocial prisons for man's best friend; who is on this earth to be family.
We produce black/tan Shiba Inu's, red Shiba Inu's, sesame  Shiba Inu's, and cream Shiba Inu's. Our Shiba Inu dogs have health and structure. Many of our dogs in our program go back to top Nippo lines Chic OFA-tested dogs with fabulous imported Nippo lines one of whom is a direct import who is 100% Nippo and most of our Shiba's are at least from two imported parents many Nippod dogs behind our Shibas and one Male is Full NIPPO Japanese Shiba Inu lines. Our dogs have very sound health behind them as well as a great structure for the breed. Many Shiba Inus have slipped hocks and poor structure. Structure and temperament and health are our top focus. Color is second. Structure, health, and temperaments are the most important factor in a breeding program. You will find several AKC show breeders that will not include creams. This is a shame. The beautiful variety and it is ridiculous not to include stunning creams with fabulous healthy linage and type as well as adding them helps the fire red color and cleans up the surface color of the coat on the reds. Structure and health are the longevity of your Shiba Inu remember that not color or variety.

First off ALL  of our creams are from Nippo lines I wouldn't have creams that were not, for this variety is often by the backyard breeder so you must make sure there is proper breeding behind your Cream and a good cream is hard to find trust me it took me time to find the ones I have! Sad but true. Creams are a faulted as for show due to you can't see the white Urajiro definition for it is not desirable as the other varieties display with their contrasting color as for Reds and Black tans. Once again just a color issue as per breed standard. They are lovely in their own right and we support them fully they are a breathtaking variety we here at Dakine make quality creams Shiba Inu's. I could care less about the talk of creams and that they are frowned upon due to not being able to see the Urajiro definition. I get that as the breed standard but silly for They are part of the breed and show up in top Nippo lines! Though It has also been discussed that the Creams in the line also help to keep reds brilliant and not as much smutty black on the coat. So many breeders just don't understand how they can really help keep the Reds clean. Not to mention our cream girls and our Cream Boy have the best temperaments Miss Kuma is sired by our NIPPO-bred Black Tan male and their grandsire is our Sachi! So very loving and brilliant she is. If used in a red program they should only be brought in once and a while so you don't dilute the red brilliant color. Our Cream Male in our program is exceptionally well-bred top CH Nippo lines as well.
For the most part, I do not support cream-to-cream breedings for many are so poorly bred you end up with even more poor genetic soundness this is unless you have two exceptionally well-bred creams as we do in our creams top CH Nippo lines. It is very rare to have exceptionally bred creams that have as good of bloodlines as any red Shiba. It's a hard find due to not many focused good breeders using them with good lines, so this is why I do not support most cream-to-cream breedings you will see out there, Know this it is about good genetics, and in creams, it is harder to find. We are very fortunate to have very well-bred cream Shiba's. Our creams all have top CH NIPPO bloodlines and top import lines. 

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NOTICE: None of our Shibas have slipped hocks this is a huge structural issue and Issue in the breed so many have this terrible structural fault, far too many breeders including show breeders are allowing it in their breeding program this can eventually cause Patella and Hip issues we will never have a dog in our program with this structural fault.

NOTE: When a Shiba blows coat sometimes when they are in a warmer climate they may not get as full of the coat as when they were in a cooler climate. Often with us going to Arizona and Redding Ca where it is very hot our Shiba Inu's will stay with a lighter coat. We try to take pictures of our dogs while they are in the full coat so you can see what they look like. It can make it hard for we are staying in such hot climates for the better part of the year. We spend Summers in Oregon and WA. Winters in CA and AZ.

NOTE: When a female Shiba Inu has a litter they have a hormonal blowing of the coat. They will lose all coats while nursing. This makes them look a bit funny, but is all part of helping a litter and turning overcoat due to the hormones.

NOTE: You get what you pay for in this breed. Good Shiba's are very costly. A cheap-priced Shiba is either a scam or a very poorly bred dog. They are costly to import and purchase for a good breeding program and costly to raise. A needed C-section is $5000-$10,000 depending on the needs /complications/State location of surgery. Not all Shiba's require a C section but It can and does happen. Brucellosis testing is $200-$300 a dog every time they are tested. I could list many expenses but I am sure you get the point. Good breeders have costs in their dogs they acquired, healthy, maintain, Vaccines, worming, food, supplements, heartworm prevention, flea, and tic, equipment list goes on, etc. and most do it as a passion for the breed with very little if any profit in the end. For they don't have enough litters produced and are not mass-produced to make a profit. Often donate pups they have produced to a good cause like PTSD and Therapy dogs to those in need this is for the love of the breed of these breeders. Understand this when you are looking for a breeder.



"Dakine's Sanchi Senchi" The Blessed in Japanese (amazing I can't say enough about the temperament of this dog!). top Japanese Import lines. Very sweet boy Shiba Inu
red Shibas are born with darker fur and some black on their surface coat they lose this and are a brilliant red like Sachi when they get their adult coat. Sachi goes to this fabulous dog : 
Oceans Bust-A_Move Click Here

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red shiba inu
red shiba inu dog

Akari is a lovely little black tan nice mover very lovely disposition. This girl is just lovely. Very intelligent and loves people. A perfect representation of the black tan variety and the breed so so lovely. Very blessed with her! Export lines on this lovely Black tan beauty her name means Ideal in Japanese 

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This stunning boy! One of the nicest Black tan Shiba Inu's I have laid eyes on in every way. Top Nippo lines.
"Grasshopper" in Japanese (In Japan, the grasshopper is a symbol of good luck with many young Japanese catching grasshoppers and keeping them as pets for luck) 100%  Fully health tested and not one Genetic issue found,  100% IMPORTED lines Proper Black tan boy is stunning and lives up to the breed as far as looks and personality. You just do not get better breeding than this boy  Top CH lines and stayed very small for a male this boy has it all. Toys are his favorite next to me. This boy lives with me fulltime such a wonderful boy and boy can he produce well tempered amazing pups!