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This page is where we post individual Shiba Inu pups that are available as well as adults we are placing/retiring. Also, If my friend/co-breeder on miniature bull terriers have any pups available they will be listed here. Pups will be placed here when they are available and when we have pups available to the general public who are not on our waiting list. I also will post breedings planned from time to time but not always so please do check if you are interested. We always go from our waiting list first and any pups not spoken for are here.  For more info about our puppies please visit our Shiba Inu puppies page or our Miniature Bull Terrier puppies/stud dog page. This has our waiting list and info on how we raise our pups Thank you~
MINATURE BULL TERRIERS: At this time we have one tri-color stud dog miniature bull terrier though we have a Co breeder in Oregon who owns the two females in our program and she can fly anywhere to deliver pups. I may be adding a top-quality female of my own eventually but with my travels and time it isn't possible right now,  but as of now can refer you to my co-breeder.
We also will post notifications of any adults we are retiring for rehoming here. 

NOTE: We rescue Shiba Inu and Miniature bull terriers when possible. These dogs are available for basically the cost I have for them for food and care while with me and will be listed here below. I take them in when I can I get contacted frequently and try to help out. Some of the rescues may come to me not housebroken or crate trained or other training so if you decide to get one only apply if you have the patience and time to take one on. I am taking a rescue interest list if you would like to join send me an email. If they are not spayed or neutered when they come to me I will require that and an apt made before they leave my care. As well as no health guarantee for they are a rescue and not my breeding. I am going this to support my breeds and try to help find those Shiba Inus and Miniature Bull Terriers homes that would otherwise be taken to a shelter. Thank you~

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Below, you will find pictures of pups we have available that are not spoken for, or adults, we may be rehoming or retiring.  Note:  Many of our pups are spoken for prior to them being born, for we have a waitlist we go from first when placing all litters this you will find on our puppies page. These may be service dogs and special needs dogs or pets and shows. When we have pups who are not spoken to after going through the waiting list they are pictured here.
Often each pup will have a number on its picture if the specific pup is known this is if we have more than one available. Many times my waiting clients do not know for sure what pup they will choose. So I may not know the exact pups available. I do not always know. Though often I know the gender and can show pics of the pups in the selection based on that. Please include the pup number when you send us an email if the pup has a number listed so we know what pup you are interested in.

Please feel free to email or call us if you are wanting to get on our waitlist for one of our pups. We are very responsive and will get back to you most of the time within 24 hours. If no pups are pictured below we do not have any pups available at this time. We do have a waitlist for our pups we invite you to contact us to see about getting added to that list. Thank You

March 2023: I have been asked to take a rescue red shiba inu female and now have her with me only a year and a half old to place in a good home. Her owner is ill and could no longer care for her. A woman has reached me who knows of this dog and brought her to me because her owner was ill. I have just found out she is not spayed and just had a litter weaned from what I can tell) $ 100 and may go up a bit if I have to keep her longer This is a fee to assure she will get a good home and to cover costs I will have into her for deworming/flea tic and housing and feeding while finding her a FOREVER HOME. I will keep her long enough to make sure she is dewormed, up to date on Vaccines, etc and to know her so I can have an idea of her personality. I will not have her history so know she will be a project for whoever gets her without any back history. Being a Vet Tech her age of her seems to be accurate, so being young this is an amazing opportunity for someone unable to afford a puppy. She is a beautiful red color and pretty cute just received She just needs weight from having a litter and a little TLC very sweet and doesn't appear to know how to walk on a leash. But she will be a fun project for someone.



PLANNED BREEDING SOON: ALL BLACK TAN LITTER for all Black tan litter of Shiba Inu puppies very soon should be breeding in February or March pups will go home in Oregon but also can be in Redding CA for we will be making a trip..

PLANNED BREEDING: A litter  with the possibility of: Cream, Black Tan Red litter planned SHORTLY Oregon pick up but possible Redding CA if needed feel free to inquire~

Ahmya will be available  September 2023 very sweet, but very shy and reserved with strangers. she is a house dog she came to me from a breeder who raised her outside so she is the product of that. She is not fond of outside as far as walks etc. Very sweet and mellow


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