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Below are client Testimonials their words, not mine I also can provide contact info for any, or all of them if you would like for reference. Thank you~ Love my pack and extended family  here is what some have to say :

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TESTIMONIALS BELOW UPDATING AS RECEIVED This is a new page in March 2023    I feel it is important to hear not only from me but from clients who have  Shiba Inu's from me as two of their experiences and the health etc of the dogs I have produced.

Thank you for checking back~! These will be their exact words.


I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Dakine Shiba Inus We have previously known other  Shiba Inus that have had temperament Issues and aggression issues, which is something that can be fairly common in the breed. With this knowledge when we were researching breeders for our own pup, we were immediately impressed by the program that Tricia at  Dakine Shiba Inus has established., with her goal of breeding for temperament first and foremost. Our little girl I an absolute dream, she is so sweet and loves to cuddle. No exaggeration, our Veterinarian, doggy daycare provider, and obedience trainer have all literally said this is the nicest/. friendliest Shiba Inu that they have ever seen or met. I am convinced that this is primarily due to our girl's genes and her environment during the crucial first 8 weeks of her life, courtesy of Dakin Shiba Inus.  All of the other details are communication, logistics, etc. From   Trish during the entire process was, of course, also a 5-star experience. I wholeheartedly recommend  Dakine Shiba Inus if you are looking for a reputable breeder who is this passionate about what she does, you need not look any further. The proof is in the puppies

Marisa- Shiba Inu   Asugua X Batta

 Val and Royce  ~

Our girl  Yuki has such a great tail cruel having her really has brought both Val and me through the Covid-19 winter in a better mental condition than most people.  She is such a great and different Shiba from the first three I had that were not Dakine Shibas it is hard to explain everything but she is so very friendly and with everyone who comes to the house, there is nobody whom she doesn't love. If it is someone who comes often they might be treated to the special wolf howling she gives me! when I come home from a short time away. Her playing with Vals Maltese is just beyond antying ou would expect I could go one I can say if you had boxes to check on what you wanted in a Shiba She checks all of them! Thank you for making us a dog that is extremely smart, and controls our house and us lol!

Val and  Royce-Shiba Inu


 The Vets have been quite impressed with his temperament result of good breeding. He loves my cats. You have given me a blessing of a dog.  I just can't say enough how grateful I am to you and such a wonderful dog he is so very smart and easily trained. The things you have told me have blown my mind. I can tell you care so deeply for the pups/dogs beyond amazing. Thank you!

Sam- Akari pup/Shiba Inu


Thank you so much I am so glad you came into our journey. This little boy is bringing so much joy into my life He is going to be so spoiled and is so spoiled. This boy is doing so much for me he is so playful. We thank you so much for letting us adopt him!

Yuliana~ Shiba Inu Batta Boy


You have certainly gifted me my soul pup. I didn't think I could have another one! I didn't think I could have another one. I  appreciate you. She is doing really well and I so appreciate all your insight. My girl has such a calming energy in our house. she is curious and she balances our other dogs. she is such a sweet little thing!

Mellissa _Shiba Inu Ahmya pup


I found Trish by chance while looking around for Shiba Inu breeders

in my area. I almost went with someone else but when I go a phone call right back after I had asked her for information. about adoption. I was set she was so kind and considerate about my needs for a therapy/service Shiba Inu not to mention the love and care she puts into these dogs and puppies are another level! I have updated the entire process and she would even give updates when I got a bit impatient.  from excitement. I traveled out to go get my boy after picking him up from the litter pictures. Even with the compilation of my travel plan, she was so understanding. From the moment I laid eyes on my Shiba Inu puppy I knew he was going to be a wonderful dog. Tamago is my beautiful boy and such a well-tempered puppy. The entire training process  (although not completed yet) has been a lot smoother than expected with other breeds. Shiba Inus are very temperamental and stubborn which he very much is, but with this training, he has marked up to be a wonderful companion and therapy dog! I highly recommend Dakine Shiba Inus if you are in the market for a new puppy I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with her. These Shiba she has aren't just dogs they are family :)

Caitlyn~ Shiba Inu Batta X ASugua 

Levi and Kate-

Tricia at Dakine Shiba Inus was do wonderful to work with through the adoption process she kept us updated on our   Furbaby before he was old enough to come home and she took incredible care of him every step of the way. It is very apparent that she truly takes pride in providing immaculate care for her pups and is invested in producing the most beautiful   Shiba Inus. Our little guy has the most loving temperament and is such a perfect addition to our family. We would absolutely recommend   Tricia at Dakine Shiba Inus to anyone looking for a perfect Shiba! Thank you, Trish!

Levi and Kate ~ Shiba Inu

Haylee Clarke-


Trish has been nothing but supportive since day 1. I looked around at many Shiba Inu Breeders, but reading her level of passion on her website and hearing and reading her explaining her knowledge as a Vet Tech really solidified it for me. I appreciated so much that I got pictures and updates of my lil bean since he was born, and appreciate even more that she is willing to stay in contact and check in when unfortunate things have happened (Shibas are not easy to raise, and train PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY)  I  understand that from an outside perspective. the website and the fact she is often so mobile may be what may make you think is a red flag  ( holding nothing against Trish for her lifestyle at this point in her life, holding no judgment against her) but Trish loves her dogs with all her heart and cares for each and every one of them. so deeply you can see it with the temperament and the pristine health these pups have. I 100% will get another  Shiba from her again in the future, and     I will continue to update her with silly photos of my absolutely spoiled boy. From a first-time Shiba owner,

Haylee Clarke    ~    Shiba  Inu  ~   Sachi   X Akari


Allen -Two Dakine Shibas

 Writing a review or testimonial is not my forte lol, but I love the two Shiba Inus I have from  Dakine. I have a male and a female both fixed now. Both of my Shiba Inus are extremely healthy and very SHIBA in looks and actions. Tricia is a very conscientious breeder and will answer any questions you have any time day or night she get back to you.

Allen -   Sachi son and a  Batta daughter in   Arizona


Thank you Tricia  for our amazing Shiba Inu pup. She made the process so easy and well-documented. We had lost our first Shiba Inu after 14 years and were ready for our next Shiba Inu Trici was excellent to work with, you could tell she loves her dogs and has created a fantastic process for producing and raising perfect  Shiba Inu puppies. Our puppy whom we named Yoshi has an excellent personality and beautiful markings and we are so in love with him. We would totally recommend Tricia if you are looking fo an addition to your family!

Lynn- Black tan Shiba Inu  Asugua X Batta

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