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 You have to question any breeder who is willing to put a puppy on a plane or ship the pup to you without meeting you. Dogs are not luggage or items they are living creatures and they are suseptable to disease transport opens up a puppy who is not fully vaccinated to get disease rather they go ground, plane there will be multiple dogs from multiple breeders all close together you are banking that the pups shipping with you are healthy sorry but many puppy mills/Back Yard Breeders ship pups for they mass produce them. So question any breeder willing to do so. It is done by breeders who are about money and profit and moving dogs IMO sorry. Not thinking of the puppy who might get a blockage from eating the bedding during shipping in its crate. Who might get parvo, distemper, or other viruses for who knows what pups are on that shipment run? It is the truth.
So Sorry, we do not ship ANY of our puppies  CARGO on a plane we require that we meet you and you come to us. Also Please check with us for we may be where you can drive to us due to our travels. Our pups are our priority they are not goods they are living loving families and need to be transported safely with as little stress as possible. The shipping and transport of a Shiba Inu from Oregon to your location can be highly underestimated. We don't ship our pups V/A planes EVER this is horrible and so unsafe and many dogs die every year left out in the cold and heat in between planes, but we will accommodate you if you want to fly in and get your pup from us. They can be carried right on the plane with you.
. You need to contact us and ask before getting on our waiting list if you are needing the pup transported for we often are traveling with our RV and possibly could make a delivery work it all just depends. We prefer to meet you if at all possible in person. These are our family going off to their forever families they are not cargo or luggage they are man's best friend. So if wanting to ship ground prior approval and arrangements need to be made before being placed on our waiting list. Please get in touch with us if you need the dog delivered and we can see if we can fit it into our RV travel plans.
So. California
Redding CA
Seattle WA
Yuma AZ
so may be able to deliver a pup to you depending on your location.

Thank you for your understanding. Our dog well being is our first focus and concern. Do know that many people fly to us and carry our pups back with them on the plane with them most carriers allow this and often do not even charge extra. We can even meet you at the airport to deliver your pup to you if needed but many of our clients rent a car so they can meet us and the sire and dam to their pup whichever you choose is fine. You need a special carry-on pet bag for the flight but that is pretty much it, contact your airline for details. 

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