• Tricia Schmorde

Importance Of Meeting Your Breeder Online Scammers and more.

Many people are looking online to purchase their next family member these days. How easy click to buy this puppy now websites. But, what the unsuspecting person doesn't know is so many scammers have built websites and posted adds using other breeders content,pictures, info and don't even have or own any dogs! Yes they conduct a business through the use of other breeders content and when it comes to getting your new family member you cut off swiftly numbers changed and no more contact usually only after scamming you out of money first. This is why it is so very important to research and do checking into any breeder you are looking into to get your next family member to make sure they are legitimate. Scammers have gotten very crafty copy and paste info from other breeders websites, pictures and offer pups at an irresistible price you can't refuse and feel forced to rush on to get that good deal.

*Low prices for the breed HUGE RED FLAG. Walk don't run sounds to good to be true more than likely is

*Asks for payment then they set up a shipper

*They are quick to want money and don't want to get to know you huge red flag

*They offer so much for so little and seem to have well bred dogs


*Ask for Ref's and phone numbers/email etc of past pups homes

* pics of dogs, pedigrees and any other information tied to the sire and dam of the litter that is verifiable

* Google check images they send you and on the website they claim to own.

*Analyze each pic of the pup they claim to have make sure markings line up, age of pup looks accurate, background of the pics taken etc look legit and not photo shopped.

* Look for published info on the said breeder, ask for any publications they may have been in and Vet References all breeders should have a Vet they see call and Verify!!

Why is is also important to meet your breeder and not have your puppy shipped to you you ask? Well for the very reason you can inspect and see sire and dam to your puppy, meet the person you will have a life long relationship with when you get a puppy from them. You can also make sure the pup doesn't look ill before giving final payment and taking your puppy home.

*Check for bright eyes

* plenty of energy

* healthy coat

* cleanliness of both dam,sire and puppy you will be taking home

Meeting your breeder is so very important and most any ethical breeder will require you to meet them before taking one of their dogs home. This is if they are truly in it for the dogs and the love of the breed they are raising. Don't skimp on this it is worth it in the long run for both you and your new family member. Your breeder is your resource for the life of your dog.

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