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Proper Age To Wean Puppies

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

There has been studies on the best age to wean puppies. I find the best age is between 7-8 weeks of age. Puppies are eating solids and have had good social skills learned from both their mother and litter mates. Pups kept beyond 8 weeks of age are with the litter during their fear period. Unless the breeder exposes the pups to all sorts of new sounds and environments and keeps the pup from the litter mate at times it can seriously hurt the pups development and effect them long term. IF I ever have a pup left from a litter at this age I do my job by exposing the pup to new things, sights sounds and stresses. This helps the pup to learn to cope with stress. It is huge and imperative part of the pups social and neurological development. They need to be exposed to the stress of a leash, collar and new toys. Vacuum, music,car rides and other sounds and smells. This is all very important at this age and will help form the pups temperament for life. Taking a pup around with you is wonderful, but do not let the pup down on surfaces, for the vaccines are not going to protect your pup until the very last set of shots. Know this. So be very careful about who also touches and handles your pup at this time. Until 18 weeks of age the final vaccine then it is out and about time, and obedience class time for social and to learn commands. #weaningpuppies #weaningagepuppies #puppiesweaning

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