• Tricia Schmorde

Recall Training and the Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies love to run by nature. When they are off leash they love to run and often will not always come to you when called. This is just due to their playful nature and drives to run. Not that they intend to be naughty, just instinct for they are designed to run for 90 miles a day. This is what they are bred for intended for so naturally off leash is a whole open world to explore and freedom to take to the wind and run. So how you train them to come to you. How you do this is by condition them. Siberians are food motivated so you do this by picking a tone of voice, one you do not use with them unless they were called and a command for calling them. Now use this tone and command and feed your dog after using the tone and command. Every time you feed you do this. Then you start using the command in a safe contained area to get them to come up to you. The key is EVERY TIME you give the command you give food. Small as it may be it is a reward at the end of the tone/command. Do this daily and you will have a Sibe that will come to you when called. You must keep reminding them and keep up your training with tone/command used frequently. The most important training you can give your Siberian Husky that may save their life. Siberian Huskies do not come when called every time by nature.

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